Check-in/Check-out Service

  • Before arrival:
    • sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floors and the terraces
    • dusting furniture
    • cleaning all the rooms, kitchen and kitchen appliances
    • cleaning of all fans and lamps
    • dusting and cleaning of all doors, frames and windows (which are normally accessible)
    • airing out the property
    • open shutters
    • arrival at night; turn on the outside lights
  • On arrival:
    • Welcome the guests and show them around, explain the basics of the property and share practical information and interesting tips about the surrounding area
    • handing over keys
    • first day groceries *
  • Departure: 
    • check the property and the furniture
    • key returns
    • evaluation form
    • farewell and wish the guests a pleasant journey

Minimum price: € 120,- per check-in/check-out

Of course, your guests will have my phone number if help and information is needed. If my assistance is required, an hourly rate will be charged.

*The shopping list should be emailed no later than one week prior to the arrival date.