About me

Who am I ?

A born and raised Haarlemmer (a city next to Amsterdam), where I also studied at the HEAO business economics.

I have worked for 13 years in administrative (accounting) and fiscal services, and 12 years in the financial services industry. My clients were mainly real estate agents, owner associations, property owners and real estate investors.

In 2010 my family and I decided to rent out our House and travel around Europe.

After travelling through Scandinavia, the Baltic States and southern Europe I have settled in the Costa Brava, I feel at home here. During the journey through France I managed Château de la Barbelinière à Thuré for three months (recommendation.pdf) and I have carried out other property management projects in Spain.

At the Costa Brava is so much to do and there are a lot of opportunities, especially now that the crisis has passed the deepest point here. The climate, space, nature, people and the possibilities, here is the future for me.

There is a big need for reliable property management in this area. Because of whom I am (open, rational, honest, hard-working) and my experience in the field of property management and financial background I can certainly fulfil this need.

Are you interested in renting a villa? Please take a look on the Costa brava villa website. If you are interested in buying property in Spain you can take a look at Costavillaforsale.com.

Gratefully at your service,


Photography: ianbeck.nl